Watch Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers Watch the Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Together

     August 10, 2017


In the age of ubiquitous content and umpteen different channels and shows, Game of Thrones is a true anomaly in that it’s a series that a lot of people tend to watch live, together. Each episode of Game of Thrones is a very social watch—you want to talk about, discuss, and debate what’s happening either during the episode or once it’s over. So it makes sense that SNL alum Leslie Jones is a big fan, and last year Seth Meyers invited her to watch an episode with him and film it for Late Night with Seth Meyers to hilarious results.

Jones and Meyers have reunited for another installment of “Game of Jones” and it does not disappoint. The two watch the jaw-dropping Game of Thrones episode “The Spoils of War” together, the one from this past Sunday, and Jones has plenty to say about the goings-on and various characters, much to Meyers’ delight. And then, the two are joined by a very special guest that I won’t spoil here, only to say it’s absolutely worth watching the entire thing.

This kind of segment is just another reason why Late Night with Seth Meyers is one of the best shows on TV right now. Between “A Closer Look” and “The Check-In” segments Meyers has become the heir apparent to Jon Stewart when it comes to political comedy/news, but he also lets his fantastic writers shine in segments like “Amber Says What?” and “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.” Here “Game of Jones” is just another great idea with terrific execution, and Meyers’ reactions perfectly accentuate Jones’ colorful personality.

Check out the new “Game of Jones” video below.