Letterboxd’s 2019 in Review Shows a Lot of Love Towards ‘Parasite’

     January 10, 2020


Letterboxd is one of my favorite sites since it combines my love of movies with my nerdy affection for statistics. While I don’t think numbers tend to factor into any critical appraisal of a film, it’s still interesting to see what people are watching and what they’re showing their affection to. I also think Letterboxd hasn’t really been afflicted (at least not yet, anyway) by the militant up-voting or down-voting that’s hit sites like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb. The site still feels like it’s a site for movie fans by movie fans, so I’m always eager to check out their year-in-review post.

2019 doesn’t hold too many surprises with a lot of love going towards Bong Joon-ho‘s Parasite, which wasn’t just the highest rated overall film, but also the highest rated international feature and the highest rated drama. Avengers: Endgame also got some love for being the highest rated action, highest rated sci-fi, and the most popular overall. But it’s also fun going back through the months to see what people were watching. Remember Velvet Buzzsaw? That’s what folks were watching in February 2019!

This year’s year-in-review also contains a decade-in-review for the 2010s even though Letterboxd acknowledges they’ve only been around since 2012. Parasite got a lot of love here as well, which makes sense since as the user-base has grown, the weight tips towards more recent movies. Is Parasite the Best Comedy of the 2010s? Probably not, but you have to factor in that the site has more users now than it did in 2013 or 2014.

Finally, you also get some fun stats like Samuel L. Jackson being the most-watched actor for the fifth year running. It’s not that Jackson is leading movies that most people are seeing, but rather he appears in Avengers: Endgameand then gets the bonus of Captain Marvel, which puts him over the top.

Click over to Letterboxd for the full year in review, and be sure to follow me and Deputy Editor Adam Chitwood if you don’t already.

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