Lex Scott Davis Talks ‘SuperFly’ and ‘The First Purge’

     June 12, 2018

With SuperFly opening this week in theaters, I recently sat down Lex Scott Davis to talk about making the film. During the wide-ranging conversation, she they talked about SuperFly’s insanely tight production schedule, how she worked with the costume designer to create their looks in the film, some of her memorable moments from filming, the Future soundtrack, and more. In addition, with Davis also starring in The First Purge, she teased a bit of what audiences can look forward to in that film.


Image via Sony Pictures

If you’re not familiar with SuperFly, it’s written by Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse, and stars Trevor Jackson (Grown-ish) in the role of Priest Youngblood, as played previously by Ron O’Neal in Gordon Parks Jr.’s original film. In both versions of the movie, Priest is a cocaine dealer trying to get out of the business after one last job. We all know how well that one last job always goes. SuperFly also stars Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jacob Ming-Trent, and Jennifer Morrison. For more on SuperFly, check out the recent trailer.

Check out what Lex Scott Davis had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Lex Scott Davis:

  • How she’s in both SuperFly and The First Purge and they both come out in June.
  • How they only started filming the movie earlier this year.
  • Memorable moments from filming.
  • She talks about working with the costume designer and the outfits she wore in the film.
  • How much did she know about the soundtrack going in?
  • How the film portrays a character at the top of his game that really wants to get out of the business.
  • What can she tease people about The First Purge?

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