Liam Neeson to Star in ‘Zombieland’ Director’s Action-Comedy ‘The Revenger’

     September 15, 2015


It sounds like Liam Neeson may be ready to put a particular skill to the test in his next film, namely brushing up on his comedy while still bringing the action. He’s actually been doing a pretty good job splitting his slate of films between action and comedy over the last few years: Non-StopTaken 3, and Run All Night in Column A; A Million Ways to Die in the West, Entourage, and Ted 2 in Column B. According to a new report, Neeson will combine those genres in a new action-comedy from Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer.

Empire reports that Neeson will star in Fleischer’s The Revenger, an action-comedy setup at Universal. There’s no telling what the plot is about, except what you can glean from both the title and the fact that it was written by screenwriters Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Looking at the title first, it certainly seems like a spoofy take on a vigilante type driven by vengeance, a role that Neeson has made his own in recent years. A for Lennon and Ben Garant’s pedigree, previously scripted films from the duo include the Night at the Museum films, Balls of Fury, and Hell Baby, so expect a fair amount of wackiness and irreverence.


Image via Fox

The Revenger is still in development, so it’s hard to say when we’ll next hear of progress on its development. Neeson, meanwhile, next stars in Martin Scorsese’s 17th century historical drama Silence, about two Jesuit priests attempting to spread Christianity through Japan. He’s also got the 2016 war drama Operation Chromite, which sees a squad of soldiers fighting in the Korean War’s Battle of Incheon. Also in 2016 is the fantasy drama A Monster Calls, which is slightly outside the realm of Neeson’s recent films; it centers on a boy who seeks the help of a monster (Neeson) in order to cope with his mother’s terminal illness. Fleischer currently has a follow-up to Zombieland announced, but little else has been confirmed for the sequel.

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