‘Liar’: 10 Exclusive New Images Tease the Twisty British Crime Drama

     August 15, 2017


If you’ve been reading Collider for awhile, you’ll know that I am always partial to a good British crime series. But as Broadchurch has ended its story and series like Happy Valley and The Missing are without dates of return (if they return), it’s time for something new. SundanceTV is delivering in the form of Liar, a twisted new drama from Harry and Jack Williams, writers of The Missing and EPs of Fleabag. The show also shares a Broadchurch executive producer James Strong, who will be directing one of the upcoming six episodes.

The miniseries stars Downton Abbey‘s Joanne Froggatt as Laura, a smart and devoted teacher who becomes embroiled with Ioan Gruffudd‘s (Fantastic Four) Andrew, a renowned surgeon who has a child at Laura’s school. However, what seems like an innocent night out together turns into a web of lies, coverups, and intrigue, leading to what is sure to be a tense and twisty revelation of the truth.

I trust the Williams to deliver a satisfyingly intense series, akin to what they’e done with The Missing, and it’s good to see Ioan Gruffudd in another starring role (he will always be Horatio Hornblower to me, as I loved that series. If you’re a Master and Commander fan I suggest you try and seek it out). Plus, as I grow weary of puzzlebox series that make you wait seven episodes to reveal key bits of information, Liar will be all said and done in six hours. That is a small but worthwhile investment of TV watching.

I’ll have a full review coming soon, but in the meantime, check out these exclusive new images below. The series also stars Zoë Tapper, Warren Brown, Shelley Conn, Richie Campbell, Jamie Flatters, and Danny Webb, and is set to debut on September 27th on SundanceTV.