LIE TO ME – 4 Movie Clips and the Trailer

     April 21, 2008

This Saturday night, at the Newport Beach Film Festival, is the world premiere of “Lie to Me.” The film stars Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford, Steve Sandvoss, Nick Wechsler, Shoshana Bush and Ellen Hollman and it was directed by John Stewart Muller.

“Lie to Me” chronicles a young couple’s open relationship as it’s stretched to the breaking point as they find themselves falling in love with other people.Here’s the official synopsis:

By all appearances, Samantha (Courtney Ford) and Mason (Steve Sandvoss) are the picture perfect couple: young, attractive, successful, and madly in love. At her sister Allison’s (Ellen Hollman) idyllic spring wedding, Samantha, a twenty-something fashion designer, finds herself irresistibly drawn back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, James (Brandon Routh), a surprise wedding guest. Meanwhile, Mason, a published novelist just shy of thirty, spends a flirtatious evening culminating in a steamy hot tub encounter with his best friend Luke’s (Nick Wechsler) 18 year-old sister, Olivia (Shoshana Bush). Carefully sneaking out of James’s room, Sam is startled by Mason and confesses her affair. But Mason’s reaction is not quite what you would expect. Mason responds by relating his evening’s adventures as well. Exhausted, they climb into bed together, this night merely being another chapter in their constantly evolving open relationship.

A few days after the wedding, Sam finds herself agreeing to go on a date with James. Mason encourages her, citing his own experiences, but Sam is apprehensive about this new stage in their relationship. As the weeks progress, Sam starts to develop stronger feelings for James, whose levelheadedness is a welcome contrast to Mason’s immaturity. While tolerating Sam’s new relationship, Mason continues to secretly see Olivia behind her overprotective brother’s back. At first it all seems like fun and games until things start to get more and more complicated. As secrets begin to manifest in their open relationship, Sam and Mason are forced by surprise events to finally take responsibility for their actions and make important decisions that will affect their respective futures.

Lie to Me is a unique twist on the traditional love story addressing concerns that every couple deals with: honesty, jealousy, commitment, maturity, understanding and ultimately our capacity for love.

Anyway, to help promote the movie we’ve been provided with 2 trailers and4 movie clips.

But it actually gets a lot better!

The other day I got to interview Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) and I’ll be posting it tomorrow. We talked about all of his upcoming movies and of course I got an update on “Superman: Man of Steel.” The interview runs about 10 minutes and if you’re a fan of Brandon’s you’ll love it. Check back tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the clips!

Lie to Me teaser trailer

Lie to Me Movie Trailer

Movie Clip 1 – James and Sam discuss Sam’s unique relationship

Movie Clip 2 – James and Mason meet at a bar

Movie Clip 3 – heart to heart in the car

Movie Clip 4 – Luke calls Mason about the wedding

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