STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D Interview with Stunt Coordinator ObiShawn; Plus Lightsaber Training

     February 7, 2012

STAR WARS THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D Interview Stunt Coordinator ObiShawn Lightsaber Training slice

With the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D this weekend, Twentieth Century Fox recently hosted a press junket at Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm.  In an effort to promote the experience for the next generation, my seven year-old daughter, Cyan, interviewed four people who helped bring George Lucas’ vision to life.  Her second interview was with ObiShawn, a lightsaber stunt coordinater with Lucasfilm.  After a lightsaber battle, they talked about what martial arts he studied, which fight sequence was the most difficult, and what other training a Jedi would need.  Hit the jump to watch.

And if you missed her first interview with John Goodson, a digital artist with Lucasfilm who worked as a concept model artist on The Phantom Menace, click here.

Lightsaber training with Stunt Coordinator ObiShawn

  • After some fighting….
  • Which fight sequence were the most difficult
  • Did he have to study martial arts to be a stunt coordinator and if so which ones
  • What other training would a Jedi need


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