‘Like Father’ Trailer: Kristen Bell Takes a Honeymoon with Her Dad in Netflix Film

     June 18, 2018


Netflix has released the first trailer for the original film Like Father, a comedy/drama that marks the feature directorial debut of Lauren Miller Rogen. Written, produced, and directed by Rogen, the film stars Kristen Bell as a workaholic executive who gets left at the altar, after which she goes on a bender with her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer). When the two wake up, however, they find that they’ve boarded the cruise that Bell’s character had planned for her honeymoon.

Right off the bat, Like Father looks like something different than your traditional comedy. Visually, the film looks incredibly cinematic and moody, with fascinating shot composition courtesy of Rogen. Then when you add in the terrific talents of Bell and Grammer, plus a story that looks to be just as focused on introspection and character as it is on jokes, and you have the makings of a must-see Netflix original.

Indeed, Netflix is currently basking in the success of the critically acclaimed romcom Set It Up, which was released last week, and now Like Father looks like it hits that indie comedy sweet spot in the vein of Greta Gerwig or Noah Baumbach. Rogen—who, yes, is married to Seth Rogen—previously co-wrote the comedy For a Good Time Call…, but her directorial debut appears to be refreshingly ambitious and heartfelt.

Check out the Like Father trailer below. The film also stars Seth Rogen and will be released on Netflix on August 3rd.

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