Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns Says THE LINCOLN LAWYER Will Get a Sequel in Addition to the TV Series; Provides Updates on Other Projects

     December 6, 2011


Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns was on CNBC this morning to talk about what lays ahead for the studio.  In between touching on possible business deal with Summit Entertainment and talking up The Hunger Games, Burns also provided some new updates on some of the studio’s upcoming projects.  Here are the quick and dirty bullet points:

  • It was announced back in August that Lionsgate would develop their hit movie The Lincoln Lawyer into a TV series with ABC.  However, Burns revealed they’ll also be doing a second movie.
  • To the surprise of no one, Saw 3D was not the final entry into the successful horror franchise.  Burns expects there will be a new Saw someday.  Huzzah.
  • Lionsgate is developing a new series with Netflix called Orange Is the New Black.  The show is from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan.

It will be interesting to see how Lionsgate attempts to balance Lincoln Lawyer both as a TV series and a film franchise.  Is Matthew McConaughey enough to draw out an audience that can already get the character at home?  Can the lead in the TV series out-McConaughey McConaughey? (The answer to the second question is “No.”)  Hit the jump to watch the full interview with Burns.

CNBC interview via Deadline.

Here are the exact quotes from Burns regarding the aforementioned movies and TV series.

“I’m sure someday you’ll see Saw back in the picture.”

“We do have some network shows that we’re developing.  The Lincoln Lawyer was a very successful movie for us and we’re developing that with ABC.  We’re going to do a sequel on Lincoln Lawyer as well.”

“We’re doing the new Jenji Kohan show with [Netflix], which is called Orange Is the New Black.  Jenji created Weeds for us on Showtime.  My sense is that you’ll continue to see Netflix reaching out and like, for example, they did with the David Fincher show House of Cards that Kevin Spacey is starring in, we think Orange Is the New Black is a good companion piece for that.”