Lionsgate Sets Jeff Chan to Develop and Direct Firefighter Action Film, Sascha Penn Will Write

     December 13, 2013


A little while back, I suggested that Hollywood take a look at the men and women battling wildland fires in order to bring their story to the silver screen.  While this new project isn’t exactly in that vein, it does aim to bring firefighters front and center once again.  Said to be in line with the cop action drama End of Watch, a new Lionsgate film will center on a group of brave firefighters battling blazes in arson-plagued Detroit, Michigan.  The studio has hired Jeff Chan, who made his name making unauthorized Call of Duty fan films before the gamemaker tasked him with creating their first short film, to develop and eventually direct the firefighting picture.  Sascha Penn (Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives) will pen the script.  Hit the jump for more.

Deadline reports that Lionsgate is looking to dramatize Detroit firefighters in a new film.  Perhaps it will be inspired in part by the 2012 documentary, Burn, a Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award-winner that took a look at the lives of Detroit firefighters.  As property values decline and political corruption runs rampant, arson has become an all-too-familiar occurrence in the city even as funds for the firefighters grow thinner by the year.  There’s much more to the story here than a simple “found footage” actioner centering on firefighters, so let’s hope the picture digs a little deeper.

Take a look at Chan’s short film for Call of Duty below, followed by the Burn trailer:

If you like the trailer for Burn, you can watch the full documentary on Hulu:

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