Lionsgate Releases a New “PSA” TV Spot for DAYBREAKERS – The Ethan Hawke/Willem Dafoe Vampire Movie

     November 18, 2009


Lionsgate has released a new “PSA” TV spot for Daybreakers and you can watch it after the jump.  As I said after seeing the movie at the Toronto Film Festival, I was surprised by how much I liked it.   The Spierig Brothers, who directed the film, gave the vampire genre a nice twist by showing a future where vampires have taken over and the humans that are left are hunted for food.  Unfortunately, due to the vampire population exploding, not enough humans are left to feed them.  That’s where Ethan Hawke’s character comes in as he’s a researcher trying to find a blood substitute before time runs out.

While I don’t want to paint this film as some sort of masterpiece, it’s a lot better than I expected and I think it’s worth checking out this January when it gets released.  Check out the PSA after the jump:

And if you missed Monika’s review, click here.  And here’s my exclusive interview with the Spierig Brothers.

Daybreakers movie image Ethan Hawke Willem Dafoe (1).jpg

Daybreakers movie image Ethan Hawke Willem Dafoe.jpg

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