Elizabeth Banks Goes Dramatic in the First LITTLE ACCIDENTS Trailer

     December 5, 2014


The first trailer for director Sara Colangelo‘s debut feature Little Accidents just arrived and it’s some seriously heavy stuff.  Set in a small town recently devastated by a catastrophic mining accident, the drama unfolds when a teenage boy suddenly goes missing, sending the community reeling once more.  The boy’s father (Josh Lucas), an executive at the mining company, is hated for his role in the accident, and in the wake of their son’s disappearance his wife (Elizabeth Banks) finds herself drifting away, drawn instead to the disaster’s sole survivor (Boyd Holbrook).  The trailer paints the film as an exploration of grief,  human relationships, and how we come together or fall apart in the face of tragedy.  It’s the kind of story that provides opportunity for some excellent performances, and I’m particularly excited to see what Elizabeth Banks does with it as a theatrically trained actress who hasn’t had many chances to show off her dramatic chops.

Check out the first Little Accidents trailer after the jump.  The film opens in theaters and on iTunes January 16th.

Click over to Apple to watch in HD:

Here’s the official synopsis for Little Accidents:

When a teenage boy goes missing in a small town already devastated by a fatal mining accident, three strangers find themselves drawn together in a tangle of secrets, lies, and the collective grief of the community. Reeling from the disappearance of her son, Diane (Elizabeth Banks) finds herself drifting away from her husband (Josh Lucas), a mining company executive whose role in the accident has made her family the prime target for the town’s anger. When she forms a dangerous bond with the sole survivor of the disaster (Boyd Holbrook), truths will be uncovered that threaten to tear apart the few remaining threads holding the town together in this intense drama from writer-director Sara Colangelo.


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