6 Movie Clips and New Images from LITTLE FOCKERS

     December 13, 2010


Since the 1970’s, Robert De Niro has made countless films.  While some have clearly missed the mark, a few of them are considered classics in every sense of the word.  Some of my favorites are Goodfellas, Heat, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part 2, and Righteous Kill.  Kidding with that last one.

However, while he’s made some amazing films, not all of them have been box office hits.  In fact, you might be surprised to learn that his two biggest hits were not made with Martin Scorsese, but with Ben Stiller.  While some might dismiss Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, Parents made $166 million (worldwide) and Fockers made $280 million (worldwide).  With this kind of money, it’s no surprise Universal made a third entry (called Little Fockers) and it gets released December 22.

Anyway, Universal has released 6 clips and a number of new images from the film.  Check them out after the jump – along with the official synospis:

Here’s the synopsis:

The test of wills between Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) and Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) escalates to new heights of comedy in the third installment of the blockbuster series—Little Fockers.  Laura Dern, Jessica Alba and Harvey Keitel join the returning all-star cast for a new chapter of the worldwide hit franchise.

It has taken 10 years, two little Fockers with wife Pam (Polo) and countless hurdles for Greg to finally get “in” with his tightly wound father-in-law, Jack.  After the cash-strapped dad takes a job moonlighting for a drug company, however, Jack’s suspicions about his favorite male nurse come roaring back.

When Greg and Pam’s entire clan—including Pam’s lovelorn ex, Kevin (Owen Wilson)—descends for the twins’ birthday party, Greg must prove to the skeptical Jack that he’s fully capable as the man of the house.  But with all the misunderstandings, spying and covert missions, will Greg pass Jack’s final test and become the family’s next patriarch…or will the circle of trust be broken for good?

Little Fockers stars Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo, Jessica Alba, Laura Dern and Barbra Streisand

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