Liv Tyler Talks SUPER, THE HOBBIT and STRANGERS 2; Plus She Sings Whitesnake!

     April 6, 2011

Liv Tyler Talks THE STRANGERS 2 and THE HOBBIT slice

With director James Gunn’s superhero flick Super playing in limited release and VOD, I recently got to sit down with Liv Tyler to talk about how she got involved with the project.  As you might expect from Gunn (Slither, PG-Porn), Super is violent, twisted, and darkly comic.  I had a lot of fun watching it.

During the very fun interview, Tyler talked about how she got involved with the project, did she sign on to be higher up on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon scale, what her’s karaoke song (which led to her singing Whitesnake!), and what’s up with The Strangers 2 and The Hobbit.  While some actors are guarded with their answers, I have to give it to Tyler, she was a great interview. Hit the jump to watch.

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Liv Tyler

  • :32 Did Tyler sign on to be higher up on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon scale?
  • 1:09 Tyler talks about her go-to karaoke song. Sings a bit of “Here We Go Again on My Own” by Whitesnake. Also talks about singing Islands in the Stream and Madonna.
  • 2:57 Her attraction to the project. Says it was an immediate “yes” when she read the script. Loved the idea of going off and making a small independent film in 28 days.
  • 3:50 Talk about Strangers 2. Says Brian Bertino has written a script for a sequel, but he won’t be directing. Has read part of that script, but says she’s not really in it and the film’s not really about her character. Says she has a good idea for what the sequel should be about.
  • 4:28 Will she appear in The Hobbit? Says she hasn’t heard anything and no one’s contacted her. Says Arwen was barely in the Lord of the Rings books as it is, and doesn’t show up in The Hobbit book.


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