‘Lobo’ Screenwriter Jason Fuchs Teases Comic Book Influence

     June 7, 2016

After years of kicking around between creative teams, Warner Bros. Lobo adaptation finally seems poised to make some forward strides. Centered on the titular hyper-violent slightly-psychopathic intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo was once set for a PG-13 adaptation helmed by Guy Ritchie before passing into the hands of San Andreas director Brad Peyton with none other than Dwayne Johnson in talks to star. Ultimately, that incarnation also fell apart, and all was quiet on the Lobo front until earlier this year when Warner Bros. hired Wonder Woman and Pan scribe Jason Fuchs to pen a new incarnation of the script from scratch.

Now Fuchs is hard at work on the new Lobo property, and he’s turning to some of the character’s classic comic arcs for inspiration. In a new instagram post, Fuchs highlights the Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich collection, which features two of Lobo’s miniseries comic runs from the ’90s — The Last Czarnian and Lobo’s Back. It’s a reference point that should make fans happy; especially those who hoped that the post-Deadpool timing of Warner Bros. sudden renewed interest in the character might point towards the R-rating befitting a twisted, hedonistic alien mercenary whose name means “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.”


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Penned by Keith Giffen (52) and Alan Grant (Judge Dredd) with pencils by Simon Bisley, here’s DC Comics official synopsis for the Portrait of a Bastich collection:

Don’t miss this new volume collecting both the 4-issue LOBO and LOBO’S BACK miniseries that helped make the Last Czarnian a legend, co-written by 52’s Keith Giffen! First, Lobo is sent to capture a crotchety old teacher who, along the way, makes life miserable for her captor. Then, Lobo must take in the most dangerous being in the universe — and is promptly killed. But heaven doesn’t want him and hell can’t handle him, so Lobo is reincarnated — as a woman with big guns and a very bad attitude!


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