New Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller LOCK-OUT Starring Guy Pearce

     December 14, 2011


We recently got a look at the first trailer for the sci-fi action thriller Lock-Out by way of an international teaser. It revealed very little in the way of plot, but Guy Pearce looked promising in the starring role. Now a new trailer has popped up, and it’s gets fairly deep into the story of the flick. Pearce plays a man who is tasked with going into a maximum security prison in space in order to rescue the US President’s daughter. Why does she need rescuing? Well it seems the space prison is in the midst of a little space prison break by the space prisoners. The visuals look really cool, and I’m really liking Pearce’s smart-ass character. The tag of the trailer refers to the film as MS One: Maximum Security so either that’s the international title, or the new overall title (I’m hoping it’s the former).

Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Produced by Luc Besson, the film also stars Maggie Grace and Peter Stormare. Lock-Out/MS One opens April 20th, 2012.

Here’s the French trailer (via /Film):


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