Trailer for the LOCKE & KEY Series That Will Never Be

     August 24, 2011


Fox passed on Locke & Key, the series adaptation of Joe Hill’s fantasy-horror comic.  The producers were proud of their pilot, though, and wanted fans to see it.  So, in a unique move, IDW Publishing screened the first episode at Comic-Con to a very positive reception.  Head writer Josh Friedman was very clear there is no chance the series will resurface at Fox or anywhere else, so don’t get your hopes up.  But if you weren’t able to attend the screening, and want to get a sense of what you’re missing, a trailer for the would-be series has popped up online.

It looks pretty crazy.  It’s clear the creative team did not shy away from the darker horror elements of the story, which must’ve been a hard sell to a broadcast network.  Based on the trailer, I wish Locke & Key could get its shot, but I understand why it didn’t make the cut.  Judge for yourself after the jump.

I really like the score in this clip when it kicks into high gear around the 1:20 mark.  The original music on the pilot is credited to Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Hall, the house composers for Deadwood.