‘Logan’ Wants To Give You a Custom Limited-Edition Postcard

     December 30, 2016


20th Century Fox has launched a website (1974FramesOfLogan.com) where fans of Logan can get a custom limited-edition postcard featuring a single frame from the final trailer, which hits next month. Once you get the postcard, the studio is asking you to share it online using the hashtag #OneLastTime. According to Fox, there are only 1,974 frames, which either makes this final trailer really short or they are only using selected images from the film.

While you might call this a clever marketing gimmick by the studio, I’m always ready to receive free swag, so I won’t be one of those criticizing. Also, I wish more studios did out of the box ideas when promoting a movie rather than just sticking to the tired formula of teaser trailer, trailer, trailer 2, etc. I think in this day and age where we have so many places to get our information, more studios should push forward with cool and radical ideas when marketing and make it fun for the fans – especially when it’s a title people know.


Image via James Mangold / 20th Century Fox

But no matter what marketing gimmick a studio employs, it all comes down to the film. Thankfully, director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman look to have crafted something special with the final Wolverine movie Logan. I got to see the first 42 minutes of the film at a Fox 2017 preview event and while I can’t write specially about any of the footage (yet), I can say Logan is unlike any previous X-Men movie and another big step forward for the superhero genre. No longer will you see Wolverine restrained by the PG-13 rating. Now when he uses his claws, you’ll see what would really happen.

The fact is, the only way for the superhero/comic book movie genre to survive and thrive is for films to push forward telling new stories that haven’t been made before. They need to surprise audiences with all new twists and turns. They have to make the stakes more than some big battle that could end the world.

What I loved about the Logan footage is how it’s about the characters and felt like a western without the normal rules of a superhero movie. In almost every superhero movie you never get the feeling something really bad could happen to your protagonist. In Logan, you are seeing characters at the end of their rope. I cannot wait to see the finished film in early 2017.


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