New ‘Logan’ Trailer Reportedly Debuting in January

     December 28, 2016


Earlier this month, 20th Century Fox held special showcase events for press in New York and Los Angeles that previewed films in its 2017 schedule. As each new report for War for the Planet of the Apes, A Cure for Wellness, and Alien: Covenant were released, the studio debuted a new trailer. That’s why we’re inclined to believe this latest rumor suggesting a new Logan trailer is coming in January.

Take this with a grain of salt for the time being until more information can be dug up, but Trailer Track reports that the latest preview will bow online on January 16.

The film has been largely shrouded in mystery, but we know it’s partially inspired by the Old Man Logan storyline in the comics, Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and The Reavers are the villains, Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) are in the film, and the young Dafne Keen is probably, most likely, definitely playing the female Wolverine clone X-23. Perhaps the new trailer will make that last point crystal clear.

Elsewhere, Hugh Jackman released a new poster for Logan, which sees a sun setting on the titular mutant. As this film will be the last time the actor portrays Wolverine, capping off a stint that will include nine movie appearances by the time it debuts in theaters on March 3, 2017, the image is all the more fitting.

James Mangold directs Logan, which also features Richard E. Grant and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Based on the first trailer, the story centers on a much older Wolverine at a future time where mutants have been largely eradicated. He crosses paths with a girl named Laura, who needs his help. Though Logan is reluctant at first, Xavier’s urgings places him on the right path.

See the new poster below:


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