Rumor: Lois Lane Will Be Featured in SUPERMAN Reboot; Eve, Kruger, and Pike Vying to Play Villain Ursa

     February 5, 2011


The internet has been abuzz ever since a rumor spread that Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are in contention for a female lead in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot. Even moreso when it was revealed that the role in question was not Lois Lane — who, someone, somewhere exclaimed was not going to feature in the film. Well, good news for Supe fans: Latino Review has just received word from a “reliable source” that Lois Lane will indeed be in the film and that the role Eve, Kruger and Pike are vying for is that of the Kryptonian villainous Ursa, who, fans may recall, is General Zod’s right hand man — er, woman. Sarah Douglass portrayed the character in Superman II to memorable results, and damn near wrecked all of Metropolis attempting to take down the son of Jor-El. More after the jump.

Sounds like our big blue boy scout (aka Henry Cavill)  may have to “Kneel before Zod!” after all, despite earlier interviews in which Snyder implied otherwise. Then again, none of this is confirmed and could just be one big ugly lie. Either way, are the three aforementioned actresses tough enough to take on such a role? Can you see the lovely Kruger slugging it out with Superman? Personally, I’m inclined to go with Brendan’s speculation that the three blonds are duking it out for the Catherine Grant role. Now that’s something Kruger and co. could pull off.

Still, I would die to see Superman take on Zod again, especially using contemporary special FX. Stay tuned for more updates.


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