Looking Forward to the WATCHMEN Blu-ray? Watch A Clip on Maximum Movie Mode Right Now

     June 29, 2009


Last week I went to Warner Bros. and got to see part of the “Watchmen” director’s cut on Blu-ray. As I already said, I thought it looked incredible. From what I could gather, the Blu-ray format is finally showing what it can do and fans of Zack Snyder and “Watchmen” are going to be blown away by how many great special features on are the disc.

One of the best things they showed us was something called ‘Maximum Movie Mode’. That’s where Zack will be on the screen and talking about the film while it’s playing. Also, you can go off on side tangents and then come back to the movie where you left off. It’s the kind of immersive experience that makes home video so great. Anyway, I’ve got a preview of this mode after the jump so take a look.

Watchmen Maximum Movie Mode

Zack Snyder’s talks Watchmen Blu-ray

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