HBO Sets the Date for the Long-Awaited ‘Looking: The Movie’, Teases Plot Details

     May 17, 2016


Eagle-eyed viewers will note that in recent sizzle reels for HBO’s current and upcoming slate of shows, there was a little glimpse of the lads of Looking. So could it be, finally, that we’re getting the promised Looking movie? Indeed, and rejoice! HBO announced today that it’s set the date for Looking: The Movie in late July.

Looking concluded in March of last year on a hopeful, if somewhat melancholic note. Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Doris (Lauren Weedman) seem to have parted ways, while Augustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) actually (surprisingly) ended up as the stable one in his relationship with Eddie (Danial Franzese), and his work at the shelter. Patrick (Jonathan Groff) was in a less certain place in his relationship with Kevin (Russell Tovey), but him getting a buzz cut at Ritchie’s (Raul Castillo) barbershop seemed to prime him for a big change in a better direction.

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Image via HBO

According to HBO, the movie will pick back up a year after the events of the finale, with Patrick returning to the city to “celebrate a momentous event with his old friends.” (I’m going to guess it’s a marriage, but we’ll see — hopefully it’s something good!) During that time, he’ll be faced with unresolved relationships, and the choice about what is most important to him.

Looking was such an exceptional series (running for just a short two seasons) because it was gorgeously directed, emotionally acted, and written in a way that was both very specific for the gay community (more so in Season 2) and also more general in its truths about friendship and relationships. Sadly though, it never really got its due, and never quite found its right audience.

The movie — which will run for 90 mins — will, of course, be written by Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan, with Haigh also directing. Though Season 2’s finale could have easily served as the series finale, I will never say no to more Looking. It was a unique series that now promises a potentially more satisfying finale, one that doesn’t end with so much uncertainty, but which sets its characters on new courses with more resolution. As I said in my writeup of the Season 2 finale, Looking is a meditation on self-acceptance. Patrick, Agustin, and Dom may still be looking, but they are each doing so with a new understanding of themselves. The opportunity to return and check in on how they’re doing will be a beautiful thing.

Looking: The Movie will premiere Saturday, July 23rd at 10 p.m.


Image via HBO


Image via HBO