Bruce Willis Joins Rian Johnson’s LOOPER as an Older Joseph Gordon-Levitt

     May 14, 2010

I’ve always said that Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like a young Bruce Willis (and by “always” I mean “right now and never once before”).  Deadline reports that Willis has joined Gordon-Levitt in Rian Johnson’s upcoming sci-fi flick Looper.  For those who don’t know, Looper is about hitmen in the near-future who kill people that are sent back in time from the distant-future so that the target can’t inconvenience the distant-future person who put out the contract.  Slightly confusing, but kind of brilliant.  The film is being getting crazy interest from buyers, but it isn’t being shopped around at Cannes.

Willis and Gordon-Levitt will play the same character but with Gordon-Levitt as the man in the near-future and with Willis as that character’s older self.  I suppose someone should let Gordon-Levitt know that he’s going to go bald and that he really shouldn’t make another Die Hard movie.

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