Exclusive: ‘Lords of Chaos’ to Land Distribution 9 Months After Sundance Debut

     September 20, 2018

lords-of-chaos-sliceNine months after its premiere at Sundance and mere hours before it screens at Fantastic Fest, Jonas Åkerlund‘s heavy metal movie Lords of Chaos has been acquired by indie distributor Gunpowder & Sky, sources tell Collider.

A spokesperson for Gunpowder & Sky cautioned that the deal is not done yet, though they ceded that the company is in final negotiations for the film. A release date was not immediately available, but a fall release seems likely.

Set in 1987, Lords of Chaos chronicles the birth of Mayhem, the notorious Norwegian black metal band that wore corpse paint, burned down churches and was involved in brutal murders. Rory Culkin stars as the group’s leader, Euronymous, who meets his match in Varg (Emory Cohen), a disturbed young man with a taste for extreme violence.

Åkerlund was the original drummer for black metal band Bathory, so he knows this world quite well and it shows onscreen. This movie does not mess around. It is super intense and frighteningly realistic, and I would advise those calling Mandy “the most metal movie ever made” to watch Lords of Chaos before making that bold proclamation.

lords-of-chaos-posterÅkerlund co-wrote the script with Dennis Magnusson (Let the Right One In), based on the book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind. The film was produced by Vice Films, Insurgent Media and Eleven Arts Productions in association with Ridley Scott‘s entities Scott Free and RSA Films. Sigur Rós provides the music for the film, and it provides a nice contrast to Mayhem’s heavy sound.

In addition to Culkin and Cohen, the film stars Jack Kilmer, Valter Skarsgård, Anthony De La Torre, Wilson Gonzalez, Sam Coleman, Jonathan Barnwell and Sky Ferreira.

Gunpowder & Sky is the indie distributor behind the fun throwback Summer of ’84 and the Nick OffermanKiersey Clemons music drama Hearts Beat Loud. The company’s upcoming releases include the Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl‘s sci-fi movie Prospect, which stars Pedro Pascal and was a hit with audiences at SXSW.

Lords of Chaos is one of the best, most authentic true crime movies I’ve ever seen and I urge those of you with strong stomachs to give it a chance. Los Angeles-based readers can catch it at Beyond Fest on Sept. 27. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Image via the Sundance Institute

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