LOSERS Director Sylvain White in Negotiations for King Arthur Tale, PENDRAGON

     March 5, 2010


The Losers hasn’t even released yet (April 23, 2010), but director Sylvain White has already lined up his next project and it appears he is preparing to go medieval, according to the LA Times. The film, misleadingly titled Pendragon (nothing to do with dragons), is written by newcomers Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy, and focuses on the origin story of the famous Knights of the Round Table. White is currently negotiating to board the project, setup at New Regency, and it would mark yet another movie in the fabled King Arthur lore.

For more on the film, including what that title means and some impressions, hit the jump.

pendragon_knights_round_table_01.jpgThe script from Shipman and McGreevy is said to be “an origin story of a sort” about the famous Round Table members, including Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, and King Arthur himself. Of course, this is tricky because debate still rages on about what is and isn’t true about the legend of Arthur and his knights and whether they actually led a battle against the Saxons. Then again, I doubt this film will be stressing over what scholars think.

The title itself is explained by the LA Times as a “reference to the medieval English term for ‘chief dragon,’ a euphemism for leader.” Sounds about right to me, though I still think a better name is out there. Perhaps something focusing on knights instead of their hated rivals, the dragons?

Looking at the trailers for The Losers so far gives a sense that the film will be high on action and have some silliness intertwined, though certainly nothing as silly as a tank shooting an airplane out of the sky like the trailer for The A-Team. I’m curious if White (or the script) will bring some of that same humor, or will this be a straight period piece? Additionally, judging from the cast for The Losers, he has some ability to draw some big names, so he would certainly be a plus for Pendragon in that sense.

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