LOST Alternate Endings on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE – Plus Matthew Fox Discusses His Character and the Show

     May 24, 2010

While the ending of Lost will be talked about and debated for a long time, I think it was a very satisfying conclusion to one of the best shows that’s ever been on television.  Was it a perfect episode? No.  Was the final season a lot of wasted time?  Yes.  The fact is, the final season could have been told in half the time and it would have made the ending a lot stronger.  But when you’re on a network that wants to milk a franchise as long as they can, you have to sometimes stretch out a storyline that was clearly aimed to be told in fewer episodes.   Saying all that, I still loved the show and cannot wait to sit down sometime in the future to rewatch the entire run.

Anyway, after Lost ended last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live had the cast on to talk about making the show and they also aired three alternate endings.  While they were played for laughs, they’re still worth watching.  Hit the jump to check them out and you can also watch Matthew Fox discuss his character and the show and see the audience ask some of the cast some questions:

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse’s alternate endings

Matthew Fox discusses his character and the show

audience q and a