LOST Auction Pockets Almost $2 Million; Highlights include DHARMA Van and Faraday’s Journal

     August 23, 2010

Lost might be over, but it’s certainly not forgotten. This weekend in Santa Monica, ABC and Profiles in History hosted Lost: The Official Show Auction & Exhibit and, according to unofficial math, it took in almost $2 million dollars. That’s double the $1 million estimate Joseph Maddalena, President of Profiles in History, gave us when we previewed the auction.

The most expensive item sold was the DHARMA Van, which went for $47,500. There was then tie for second place between the Lighthouse wheel and mirrors and Faraday’s Journal which both brought in $27,500.  Hit the jump for some more highlights from the auction.

Lost ARGs estimates that the auction took in $1,869,475 over the course of the two day auction. The first day featured items from seasons 1-3 and the second seasons 4-6.  In addition to the most expensive items, some other highlights include:

The Frozen Donkey Wheel -$25,000

Hurley’s Camaro – $20,000

The Swan Station computer – $16,000

Lost pilot script, signed by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindeloff – $15,000

The Swan Station hatch door – $16,000

Desmond’s fail safe key – $11,000

Lost finale script, signed by Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse – $7,500

1977 Dharma Group photo – $7,000

A 12 Pack of Dharma Beer – $5,000

Hurley’s Empire Strikes Back re-write – $4,250

Claire’s Squirrel Baby – $2,750

And much, much more. We’ll get the official numbers in later today but until then, check out the full list in PDF form here for day one and here for day two.