Wear This: LOST “Rockem Sockem Candidates” Shirt and THE BIG LEBOWSKI “The Jesus” Shirt

     January 4, 2011


A couple of cool t-shirts are on sale today and today only.  First up from Teefury is a cute Lost t-shirt called “Rockem Sockem Candidates”  [Spoilers if you haven’t seen Lost] It’s a little sad but also slightly true to diminish Jack and Locke to minor pawns in Jacob and The Man in Black’s game.  But while chess may be more sophisticated, the pieces rarely rock or sock.

The other shirt comes from RIPT Apparel and is a nice sketch of everyone’s favorite pederast, The Jesus from The Big Lebowski.  If you’re the kind of person that can pull of wearing purple, then you’ll want to wear this shirt down to the bowling alley and fuck people in the ass (figuratively speaking).  Hit the jump to check out both shirts.

“Rockem Sockem Candidates” costs $9 (plus shipping) and is available for purchase at Teefury.com.


“The Jesus” costs $10 (plus shipping) and is available for purchase from RIPT Apparel.