Series Finale of LOST to Air Simultaneously in Europe

     May 20, 2010


Lost fans in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, and Turkey won’t need to worry about us hardworking, trustworthy people of North America ruining Sunday’s series finale for you.  We’ve just received a press release informing us that those countries will be seeing the episode at the same time as those on the west coast at 9:00 PM PST on Sunday, May 23rd.  Us folks on the east coast won’t be total dicks and spoil it for you and neither will Canada (who will also be broadcasting the finale at 9:00 PM EST).

Lost airs in 59 countries around the world.  If your country gets the show but wasn’t named above, don’t worry.  The finale is set to air across international platforms within a 24-48 hour window from the initial broadcast.  My advice for those countries would be to stay off the Internet until then.

The series finale “event” will begin at 7pm with two hours of specials preceding the finale and then a special Jimmy Kimmel Live following the finale.  No word as to whether or not these will also be simulcast outside the U.S.