Everything You Want to Know About LOST’S Official Show Auction and Exhibit in Santa Monica, CA August 21-22; Plus Photos of the Props

     August 15, 2010

There’s not a more poetic way to end the epic journey called Lost than to sell the whole thing back to the fans. That’s what ABC and Profiles in History is doing with Lost: The Official Show Auction & Exhibit, taking place August 21-22 in Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Air Center in Santa Monica, CA.

You name it, you can probably buy it. The Dharma Van, Sawyer’s glasses, Mr. Eko’s staff, Charlie’s Driveshaft ring, Locke’s backgammon set and more. Even the smaller niche stuff like character passports, Walt’s Spanish Flash comic book and Vincent’s leash are going to be there, not to mention virtually every single outfit worn by the cast, pieces of Oceanic 815 and more. All used on set, in Hawaii, during the filming of every season of Lost. These are the real deal.

We got a sneak peak at the props and spoke with Joseph Maddalena, President of Profiles in History, who was on set for all of season 6, cataloging and safe guarding them specifically for this auction. Hit the jump to read more.

A year and a half ago, Joe Maddalena got a phone call from ABC asking if he’d like to help them create an auction for the show Lost. He agreed and has been working on the herculean task ever since. And while it might seem like a total money grab from the studio, Maddalena feels that the auction is in line with the true spirit of Lost. “I think it was more than ‘We can make some money,’” he said. “When they decided to end the series in season 3, they had to decide what they wanted to do with the assets. And I think they really and truly sat down and said ‘They’re better off in the hands of the fans.’”

That might sound like an easy task but, on a show like Lost, it was far from it. A prop that hasn’t been used in four or five years might reappear at any time thanks to the erratic and unpredictable nature of the show. “All these props have been used season after season after season,” Maddalena said. “I was there for all of season 6 during active production so one minute I’d be [cataloging] Sawyer’s book from season 2, all of a sudden it’s reused in season 6. So it was really complicated because the stuff was going backwards and forwards. Everything was hot.”

Maddalena explained that any props that weren’t destroyed in the course of filming made it into the auction. (Among his personal favorites are Dogen’s knife and hourglass, though he feels items such as Sawyer’s Dharma Jumpsuit are going to be among the most coveted.) The items he’s happiest to be able to sell are the director’s chairs each actor sat in every day for six seasons. And while those items might not end up being the most expensive at the end of the auction (items with intrinsic values like Hurley’s Camaro will probably take that prize) he feels there’s something for everyone in the show.

Still, the final selling prices for these items is anybody’s guess. No TV series in history has ever universally sold off all their assets on such a scale, so not even Maddalena is sure how it’s going to play out. He set all the estimates low with the express notion that they could go way beyond that. Items such as the 6 foot polyfoam four toed statue is estimated at $1,000-$2,000 but could easily go for ten times that amount, he says. Same goes for a 9×12 piece of Oceanic 815. There’s no telling how much it could sell for. He puts a rough estimate of $1 million on the total haul of the auction. Portions of whatever money is made will go toward production bills while other portions will go to several Hawaii based charities designated by the show.

But even if you can’t afford a $10,000 foot, Maddalena urges all Lost fans to come to event. There are going to be screenings, meet and greets, sets to explore, all the props on display and a ton of surprises. “Literally this is the last chance to really see Lost in its glory and greatness in person,” he said.

Lost: The Official Show Auction & Exhibit will take place from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday Aug. 21 and Sunday Aug. 22 in the Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Air Center in Santa Monica CA. The exhibit will be open until 1 p.m. at which point the auction will begin. Tickets are $65 for both days or $42 for a single day.

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And if you want to bid on items from anywhere in the world, click here to for information and registration.