Prince Charles Cinema to Hold Three Day LOST Marathon

     August 27, 2010


Fiercely devoted British Lost fans are going to have the opportunity to watch all 121 episodes over the course of three days.  Leicester Square’s Prince Charles Cinema [via /Film] are going to screen all six seasons in a three-day marathon.  Beginning September 13th at 10am, the cinema will air every episode back-to-back although there will be short breaks and paramedics will be on standby.  However, Peter at /Film makes the important observation that since the average episode runs 42 minutes, the marathon would last closer to four days, so make sure to account for that when you call in really, really sick.  The first 280 people who arrive will be eligible for the marathon and fans are being encouraged to pre-register at

I think this is a fantastic way to view the show because being cooped up in a theater for several days will make you lose all sense of time.  Just remember: Desmond Hume is your constant.