LOST’s Final Season Broken into Two Parts; Olympics Continue to Ruin Everything

     October 26, 2009


Fuck the spirit of competition.  Fuck the world coming together.  Fuck who in the world thinks they’re best at curling.  Fuck all of this because the 2010 Winter Games have broken LOST’s final season into two parts.  The show will resume in January and then have to take a brief hiatus for the goddamn Olympics.

We all know that “Lost” works better uninterrupted.  That’s why they moved it to January in the first place: so it could run straight through until May.  Yes, we had to put up with the occasional clip show but that wasn’t the fault of the Olympics.  Yes, the Olympics where we all gather to chant “USA” and then forget all but the most major of accomplishments.  Unless Jamaica is fielding a bobsled team, I want to see this last season without interruptions.  I hope the Olympics get destroyed by the smoke monster.  Hit the jump to read Co-Executive Producer break the bad news:

Speaking with Arts at Harvard [via IGN] this is Cuse making “Lost” fans wish they could travel back in time and stop the Olympics from ever happening:

At the Office for the Arts we had a surprise visitor yesterday from Carlton Cuse ‘81. Mr. Cuse is the Producer and Writer of the TV show “Lost” on ABC. The office was quite busy since it is Parents Weekend, so I wasted not a minute. I ran up to him hoping to ask politely about ‘Lost’ but what came out was:

“WHEN IS LOST GOING TO START AGAIN!!!? I CAN’T WAIT. MY FAMILY CAN’T WAIT. MY CATS CAN’T…” and then I went on without breathing for 2 more minutes.

Mr. Cuse graciously explained that the show would begin again in January then stop for the Olympics and then start back again in February.

Curling isn’t even a real thing.  It’s shuffleboard on ice.  Fuck.