FX Renews LOUIE for Season 4

     July 28, 2012


FX Networks has renewed Louis C.K.’s impossibly great comedy series Louie for a fourth season, per TV Line.  The show is currently in the middle of a fantastic third season run, and it’s a minor miracle that the offbeat series has lasted this long.  C.K. basically films whatever he wants, and FX thankfully decides to air what he turns in (which is gold).  He acts as showrunner, writer, director, and star of the series, and he also edited every episode for seasons one and two before bringing in Woody Allen’s longtime editor Susan E. Morse for season three.

For a gauge as to just how “offbeat” Louie can get, look no further than the latest episode of season three.  The installment featured C.K. and guest star Parker Posey on a date that at one point found C.K. wearing a dress.  The episode was at once hilarious, heartbreaking, sweet, and insightful as it followed the two wandering aimlessly around New York City at night.  This season four renewal is great news indeed, and if you haven’t checked out Louie yet I highly recommend you do so.