Louis C.K. Says ‘Horace and Pete’ Season 2 Could Happen

     June 17, 2016


It’s been a great year for television and the serial format in general. The Americans, one of the best series on television, had its most emotionally resonant season to date, and The Girlfriend Experience has proven to be one of the most visually daring and inexplicable television dramas of the decade. Broad City and Daredevil had superb seasons as well, and 30 for 30’s O.J.: Made in America is one of the most nuanced and ambitious documentaries to ever be shown on cable. These are all major accomplishments, but for me, 2016 will go down as the year I finally caught the web series bug, thanks exclusively to Louis C.K.‘s fearless Horace and Pete.


Image via Louis CK

Horace and Pete tells the story of a decrepit New York bar, and the two cousins who run it, played by C.K. and Steve Buscemi, but it’s really about everything. Addiction, mental illness, sex, politics, depression, legacies, history, and zoning rights are all potently explored in the 11 episodes that C.K. produced with a rotating cast that included memorable stop-ins from Laurie Metcalf, Nina Arianda, Jessica Lang, and Colman Domingo. The work that Alan Alda does on the show alone would legitimize its existence. So when reports started circling that C.K. had lost his proverbial shirt in the funding of the series, that he was now in debt from making the series, not only was the possibility that Season 2 of Horace and Pete diminished significantly, the likelihood that C.K. would still be able to pick his projects with the selectivity he’s shown thus far seemed at risk as well.

Despite the talk of his fiscal woes, C.K. seemed more than open to doing another season of Horace and Pete, during a recent talk that Deadline reported. Here’s what he had to say about the prospect of Horace and Pete Season 2:

“I have ideas on how to continue this series, but the test is always — does it write? I did this myself without a network because I didn’t want to (be committed to) do it again. I only want to do it if it’s really compelling.”

He went on to talking about where the show is currently, both in terms of profit and value:

“Yeah, it’s making money, and there’s a couple of offers to put it on other platforms. I’m just waiting. Everyday I make money on the show. If I take one of the offers, I’ll make a profit right away…The mandate was never to make money.”

He went on to say that he could “do another decade” in relation to the titular bar setting, which reinforces the feeling that he’s series about exploring the world he’s created with the series. It would be easier to be patient if it didnt seem that C.K.’s relationship with Louie, his brilliant FX series, was also a bit uncertain at the current time. It’s great to see him getting so many new, promising projects, but the possibility of another dose of Horace and Pete is of primary concern to me as of right now.


Image via Louis C.K.

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