Louis Leterrier Might Direct James Cameron’s FANTASTIC VOYAGE

     October 22, 2010

So many projects, so little time. Studios are sweating bullets over the still-yet-to-be-launched big budget extravaganzas The Fantastic Voyage and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The former in particular is garnering lots of speculation, what with it being a James Cameron production and all. Recently, word broke that Cameron had enlisted frequent collaborator Laeta Kalogridis to perform a quick touch-up of the screenplay, and now we’re being told that Cameron’s numero uno choice to helm the venture is none other than Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk).

Many directors have come and gone from the big budget 1966 remake, most notably Paul Greengrass who up and left right when talk of his coming onboard was heating up. Since his departure, Cameron has met with various directors about the film, including Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) who nixed the project and jumped onboard Fox’s Wolverine sequel instead. However, this is the first time Leterrier’s name has popped up, and while he certainly is an intriguing choice, having just earned a whopping $500 million worldwide with his big budget update of Clash of the Titans, I’m hard-pressed to call this thrilling news. Hit the jump to hear why.

While this is all rumor for now (via Deadline), let’s say the man does get the part. Leterrier is still an unproven commodity. Sure he directed the vastly underrated 2008 Incredible Hulk and the Jet Li thriller Unleashed, but that doesn’t excuse him from the sin that was Clash of the Titans –one of the most god-awful films to hit the silver screen in recent memory. That film proved that Leterrier was not ready for the big time and that those heavy cuts of his Hulk film may have been warranted.

There’s no denying that anyone who teams with Cameron is likely to succeed – Kathryn Bigelow, anyone? Yet, I have a hard time believing that anyone could come aboard this film and make it their own, especially with the Oscar-winning director of Titanic lurking over their shoulder. Perhaps Cameron likes Leterrier because he can push him around … or maybe he truly believes the man has vision … or maybe he just wants to show the man how 3D is supposed to be done. Either way, if Leterrier accepts his will be a truly fantastic voyage.

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