Watch the ‘Love Actually’ Sequel Online Now

     May 26, 2017


Fans were surprised earlier this year to learn that a Love Actually sequel was actually, for real happening, and now it’s online for all to see. Indeed, writer/director Richard Curtis reunited much of the cast of the now-classic Christmas film in support of Red Nose Day, an annual charity supporting children. The short aired in March in the U.K., and finally hit the U.S. last night. As such, it’s now online for those who missed it.

Thankfully, Curtis knows the inherent contrivance of making a 15-minute Love Actually sequel that catches up on almost all of the characters. The short both has fun with these characters but also acknowledges it’s all a bit silly. It’s also nice to see this sequel short nodding to just how creepy Andrew Lincoln’s cue cards message sequence was, as the short opens with Lincoln once again giving a message to Keira Knightley’s character before then moving into a montage sequence that shows where (almost) all of the original Love Actually characters ended up.

There are a few surprises to be found when it comes to where the characters are and who their with, as well as one surprise cameo from a previously unannounced star, and Hugh Grant’s return is one of the funniest. All in all this is a nice return that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that it’s all for a great cause really makes it worthwhile.

Watch the full Love Actually sequel short film below, and click here for more on Red Nose Day.

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