‘Lucifer’ Star Tom Ellis on the Season 2 Pick-Up, Despondency over the Devil Rumor Mill, and More

     April 18, 2016


In the next episode of the Fox series Lucifer, called “#TeamLucifer,” a woman is found dead on a pentagram and the investigation leads Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) into the world of Satanists. Frustrated with whoever is committing murder seemingly in his name, Lucifer learns that evil doesn’t always live where we expect it to.

During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Tom Ellis talked about the show’s Season 2 pick-up, Lucifer’s despondency about the rumor mill that surrounds the devil, why everybody should be Team Lucifer, what he’s most enjoyed about getting to play this character, why Chloe is so intriguing to Lucifer, and the fun Lucifer/Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt)/Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) dynamic. Be aware that there are some spoilers.


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Collider: Congratulations on the Season 2 pick-up!

TOM ELLIS: It’s been lovely and very overwhelming, how people have responded to it. We’ve had a lot of fun making the show. From the start, we thought this could be something that we hoped people responded to, but you just never know. The fact that people have has been delightful.

What can you say to tease this week’s episode and what it will be like for Lucifer to deal with a case that’s being done in his name?

ELLIS: There have been glimpses, throughout the season, of Lucifer’s despondency about the rumor mill that surrounds the devil. That he’s evil and makes people do bad things is just a complete fallacy. So, when they go to investigate these devil worshippers, it’s his worst nightmare. He can’t believe that people are not only doing these ridiculous things, but are doing them in his name. Lucifer gets very John Proctor-esque about his name, from time to time. Where he’s at with his suspicion of Chloe, he’s just had enough.

Since this episode is called “#TeamLucifer,” why do you think we should be Team Lucifer?

ELLIS: Believe it or not, I feel like he has the best interests of everybody in mind. There’s something refreshing about his philosophy. He sees the hypocrisy that manages to show up in humanity. That’s why you should be on Team Lucifer, I think.


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Lucifer gets incensed when he’s seen as the bad guy, but he does get into a bit of trouble because he says what other people are thinking and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone about anything. What have you most enjoyed about getting to play a guy like that?

ELLIS: You said it well, the fact that you can say stuff to people that other people are only thinking is always fun. It’s a great tool for comedic moments, as well. I think that’s always been a big part of the show, from the very first time I read the pilot. I just always thought that was funny, and it was important to all of us involved, when we set out on the first season, that we kept the humor. I think it really helps our show. I’ve had so much fun saying the things that Lucifer says. Also, our producers, directors and writers have been very encouraging of me to improvise around that, as well, and come up with stuff. That, in itself, is fun. We have a lot of fun in the takes, just throwing stuff in. You don’t always get that kind of license, but with this character, it seems appropriate.

The relationship between Chloe and Lucifer is so much fun to watch because she’s immune to his charms, and he’s never experienced that. He’s also intrigued by her, even though she makes him vulnerable. Why do you think it’s worth it to him to put his own immortality at risk to be around her?

ELLIS: That’s one of the really interesting questions that comes up, certainly in his therapy session with Linda. He says all these things about her and, even though Linda says, “If she makes you feel all of these things, why don’t you just stay away from her?” And he’s like, “Well, I don’t want to.” And that’s new for him, as well. That’s the first time he’s verbalized that feeling, and it surprises him. There’s no logic in that relationship, from Lucifer’s point of view, but he’s drawn to her and compelled towards her. She is the most disarming force in his life because none of the things that he normally relies on in his relationships with people work on her. She exposes him for who he truly is, and I think that can be really sweet, at times, and also can be quite terrifying, at times.


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Does he ever wonder why she sticks with him, even though she clearly doesn’t believe what he’s selling her about himself?

ELLIS: Yeah, I know! I love that about the show. I love the fact that he’s so adamant and so open about the fact that he’s the devil, and she’s not having any of it. But, that adds to the craziness of their relationship. She said it herself. She said, “Despite all of these things and all of your Lucifer-ness, I really enjoy working with you.” The effect that she’s having on Lucifer, he’s also having on her, against her better judgement. The fact that these two characters are on this path makes this unlikely duo the backbone of what our show is.

There’s such a fun dynamic between Lucifer and Maze, and then adding Amenadiel into that mix makes it even more interesting to watch. What have you most enjoyed about playing those moments with the two of them?

ELLIS: Obviously, we’re characters not of this world, so our knowledge about stuff, that other character’s don’t have, is quite fun. But, the more fun is had in the interactions with humanity. These are all very assured characters, in their own environment, but if you throw them into the world with a little girl or a therapist, or with people who challenge their ideas, they can’t get their head around it. It’s not because they’re being obtuse about it. They just literally don’t understand, so they basically become childlike in those situations. That is a lot of fun to play.

Lucifer airs on Monday nights on Fox.


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