Lucy Dahl Says Screenwriter Melissa Mathison Trying to Adapt BFG (Big Friendly Giant) For Producer Kathleen Kennedy

     November 4, 2009

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Earlier today I participated in a roundtable interview with Roald Dahl’s daughter, Lucy Dahl, for the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.  Since so many of Dahl’s books have not been made into movies, we asked his daughter if she’s heard about any progress in bringing them to life.   The main thing she told us was…many people ask the Dahl estate to make movies, but they are very selective in what they will allow.

But while many of his books have never been optioned by Hollywood, she told us the hot book right now is “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”. She then told us that producer Kathleen Kennedy has the rights to “BFG” (Big Friendly Giant) and screenwriter Melissa Mathison (“E.T.”, “The Black Stallion”) has recently written a draft that has gone over well.  Of course writing a draft that people like doesn’t mean it’s a go project, but it is one step closer to making the movie happen.  For more on what Lucy Dahl told us, hit the jump.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie poster.jpgQuestion: Has there ever been any talk or have you been approached for “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”?

Lucy Dahl: Yes.  Every single project has been talked about. The hot one at the moment is “Henry Sugar”.  For some reason a lot of people are going for that one right now.  But I don’t really have much to do with it, my step mother does it all. She discusses things with us, but I don’t really have any decision making.

But wouldn’t the “Great Glass Elevator” be Warner Bros. and Tim Burton?

Lucy Dahl: Haven’t a clue.  You’d have to ask my husband who is the lawyer.

She was asked if she’d like to see any of his books made into movies. She told us “BFG” because that was the story her father used to tell her when they were growing up. Then she told us:

Lucy Dahl: That one has been optioned by Kathleen Kennedy and they can’t find the right writer for that.

Is it one of these things that they’ve had writers on it and no one has been able to crack the code and get it to the next level?

Lucy Dahl: Yeah, they had two, if not three, different writers that they paid for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” that just couldn’t do it.  Same thing with the “BFG”. There have been numerous scripts that just haven’t been able to….although who wrote “E.T.”?

Melissa Mathison

Lucy Dahl: Yes! I just heard that she had a crack at the “BFG” and they are very pleased with that.

For more on BFG, click here. For more on Henry Sugar, click here.

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