Luke Goss Cast in DEATH RACE Sequel

     January 5, 2010

Luke Goss Death Race slice.jpg

Moviehole revealed today that actor Luke Goss will be taking on the title role in Universal’s upcoming Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, a direct-to-DVD sequel/prequel to the 2008 film by Paul W.S. Anderson.

The new film focuses on Luke, newly arrived to prison after killing a cop during a botched bank robbery. Once on Terminal Island, Luke goes behind the wheel to race his way to freedom and becomes the Frankenstein character that Jason Statham’s character ends up taking over the role of during the events of the first film. Tony Giglio wrote the script for the prequel and Dutch filmmaker Roel Reine takes over directorial duties from Anderson, who elected not to return for the next lap of the Death Race series.

Hit the jump for some thoughts on going for another Death Race.

Despite the fact that the 2008 film was actually a remake of an older film based on a short story, the potential for Death Race to become a franchise of direct-to-DVD movies seems apparent. The Jason Statham movie wasn’t exactly terrible. It was actually quite entertaining in that “action porn” kind of way. I see this new movie playing out the exact same manner. A couple of my friends and I get together, rent it on Netflix and turn it into one hell of a drinking game. This is a series where although the story plays a small part, the real entertainment lies in the races, explosions and insane death traps. So, in the end, it doesn’t matter if the same characters or actors return. Just up the ante in every installment by bringing in more and more ridiculously decked out cars and racers. In fact, the sooner this franchise turns into an adaptation of Twisted Metal, complete with Ice Cream truck death car, the better.


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