Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix Exclusive Video Interview DEATH RACE 2

     January 16, 2011

With Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2008 remake of Death Race having success at the worldwide box office and on home video, Universal decided to make a prequel (called Death Race 2) and they’re releasing it this week under the banner of “DVD Originals from Universal Studios Home Entertainment Productions.”  While the remake starred Jason Statham as Jensen Ames, the prequel stars Luke Goss, Sean Bean, Tanit Phoenix, and Danny Trejo.  The film is an origin story for the character of Frankenstein.

Anyway, I recently got to speak with most of the cast and after the jump you can watch my interview with Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix. They talk about what it was like to film in South Africa, the stunts and the weapons, what’s the difference between the rated and unrated editions, their future projects, and a lot more:

Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix

  • We talk about bracelets
  • What was it like on set
  • They filmed in South Africa.  What is the one place they’d recommend people to go to if they visited the country
  • What was it like to do the stunts and fire the weapons
  • The movie has an unrated edition.  What did they film for the unrated edition
  • They both talk about future projects

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