Idris Elba Says the LUTHER Movie “Will Be an Origin Story;” Series Three Premieres July 2nd

     June 20, 2013


Star Idris Elba and creator Neil Cross have been talking about a possible feature film adaptation of their BBC drama series Luther for quite some time now.  On the heels of the premiere of crime drama’s third series, Elba has now dropped a few details regarding how that potential Luther movie will play out.  Should the film get the go ahead, Elba says it would pull heavily from Cross’ prequel novel Luther: The Calling and would delve into the origins of Elba’s detective inspector John Luther.  Moreover, it has been officially announced that the four-episode third series will premiere on BBC One this coming July 2nd.

Hit the jump to see what else Elba had to say about the Luther movie.

idris-elba-luther-movieDuring a BAFTA screening yesterday evening, Elba talked a bit about the proposed Luther film (via Digital Spy):

“If we do decide to make this film, the spine of the film will probably come from The Calling – which is the book – and that starts at the beginning of who Luther is and where he’s come from.”

Elba went on to say that he hopes the film will bring in a new audience for the show/character, but he and Cross also want to please the diehard fans.  However, Elba was quick to point out that the Luther movie is certainly not a guarantee:

“[The movie is] a goal, it’s a goal for Neil and I, for sure – we’ve talked about it at length,” he said. “We haven’t got into any sort of deal stage or anything like that, but it’s certainly a goal. We did six episodes [on television], then we did four, then we waited a year and a half and then we did another four. That’s training our fans to gear up towards what could be either a film or maybe a television special and then a film.”

So it sounds like the plan for Luther going forward doesn’t involve any more full series, but instead will possibly include a TV special and the film.  Be sure to catch the third season premiere on BBC One July 2nd.