In Anticipation of ‘Steve Jobs’, Collider Is Offering a New MacBook: Enter to Win!

     October 1, 2015


We’re just about a week out from the limited release of Danny Boyle‘s hotly anticipated Steve Jobs, the latest take on the ingenious Apple CEO, starring Michael Fassbender in the titular role and powered by a snappy script from Aaron Sorkin. It’s the best of a recent spat of movies that have attempted to encapsulate Jobs’ philosophies, persona, and business acumen, including Jobs, which starred Ashton Kutcher as the title character, and Alex Gibney‘s documentary The Man in the Machine. These films have done quite a lot to clear up his personal life, but none of them have quite grasped Jobs’ exquisitely attuned sense of commercial appeal and the uneasy yet crucial connection between commerce and style. In other words, all the behind-the-curtains drama has diverted attention from his far more fascinating public and business persona, the elements that made his products and sense of design so appealing to the world.


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In anticipation of the release, we’re giving away a MacBook to one of our lucky readers! You can enter for the drawing up to five times in a number of ways. Firstly, you must enter by subscribing to our newsletter, but you can enter multiple times by liking our Facebook page, following ColliderNews or ColliderVideo on Twitter, and by following the ColliderVideo page on YouTube. You can find links to these pages in the giveaway announcement right below. You must live in the United States to enter the contest.

You can do quite a lot with nearly any MacBook, but this specs of the specific type we’re giving away can be found here.

Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs will play at the NYFF this Saturday, then it will be released in limited theaters on October 9th, and will expand nationwide on October 23rd (which is the opposite of Jobs’ own big splash day release). The film co-stars Seth Rogen, Katherine Waterston, Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, and Michael Stuhlbarg, among others.

Here’s the official trailer for Steve Jobs to tide you over while you wait and see if you win!

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