Will Forte Gives an Update on the ‘MacGruber’ TV Show; Hopes to Shoot This Fall

     April 10, 2020


Get your throat-rippin’ hands ready, because the MacGruber TV show is very much in the works. For years, fans of the 2010 comedy MacGruberone of the best comedies of the decade—have been clamoring for a sequel. Will Forte, Jorma Taccone and John Solomon, who made MacGruber, have also been trying to get one off the ground. And while an official MacGruber 2 was hard to make happen given that the first movie bombed at the box office, we got some great news earlier this year when word broke that a MacGruber TV series was in the works at NBC’s new streaming service Peacock.

Appearing on a live Last Man on Earth cast reunion on Thursday, Forte said they’re almost finished writing scripts for the eight-episode MacGruber series and have plans to start shooting later this year, but cautioned since things are up in the air right now, there’s no guarantee that it’ll all go forward as planned:

“Right now we are finishing the last scripts of an eight-episode series of MacGruber, which fingers crossed will be shot in the fall. We don’t officially know that we’re greenlit yet, but we’re very excited about the stuff we’ve written so far, and so far we’re going ahead as if it’s still going on. But who knows, with the current situation in the world, who knows if it gets pushed back. And everything could always just go kaput as per MacGruber, but it’s something we’re hoping to do and moving towards.”

It’s incredibly heartening to hear that scripts for this MacGruber series exist and firm plans are in place to actually make it happen, but Forte is smart to add the caveats here. Production on everything in Hollywood has been shut down, and even if things pick up again this summer, there will be a domino effect as projects that were in the middle of filming will want to finish, and others scheduled to begin this summer and fall may have to wait their turn. There’s only so much studio space available.

Regardless, as a massive fan of MacGruber I am sincerely hoping this TV series happens. Fingers crossed.

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Image via Universal Pictures