Collider and ArcLight Cinemas 10th Anniversary Screening of ‘MacGruber’ Has Been Postponed

     March 13, 2020


With all the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, we’ve decided to postpone our sold out 10th anniversary screening of MacGruber until a later date this year. While everyone involved is incredibly disappointed to have to reschedule, we all feel it’s better to postpone until a later time.

Since we aren’t sure when the screening will take place, ArcLight Cinemas is offering refunds to everyone that purchased a ticket here. Once we reschedule the event, we will let everyone know well in advance of tickets going on sale.

We sincerely appreciate all the people that purchased tickets to the screening. We actually sold all the tickets in less than two hours, which was a lot faster than my loftiest expectations. Again, thank you.

As soon as we figure out a new date we’ll let you know.


Image via Universal

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