George Miller Shooting MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and MAD MAX: FURIOSA Back-to-Back?

     July 2, 2010

Director George Miller is reportedly shooting Mad Max: Fury Road back-to-back with an unannounced sequel entitled Mad Max: FuriosaTwitch reports that the films are being shot back-to-back for a rapid release.  This is the first we’ve heard about a second sequel, let alone one that’s being shot back-to-back with Fury Road.  While this may sound surprising, some of you may remember in October 2009 when we reported that filming would take place over 30 weeks (an average shoot is about six weeks).  While that shooting schedule sounded like a crazy amount of time, star Tom Hardy recently told Steve that “Shooting is probably nine months.”  That’s quite a lot of time for one movie, but for two movies, it makes a lot more sense.

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