Charlize Theron Is Totally Game for a ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sequel

     April 12, 2016


When George Miller’s masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road was unleashed upon audiences last summer, the fervor for the film didn’t hit right away. Critics were unanimous in their praise for Miller’s fever dream of an action epic, but audiences took some time to find the film. But find it they did, and that momentum continued throughout 2015 all the way up to the movie’s big Oscar night, where it landed nominations for Best Picture and Best Director.

While the Fury Road fandom has grown significantly, the prospect of a further follow-up has been somewhat in doubt. Miller has said that he already has the outlines/rough scripts for two sequels completed because the production delays for Fury Road left he and his team with plenty of downtime, but candor about on-set tension between stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron made the prospect of the duo even wanting to return a bit dubious.


Image via Warner Bros.

Well now you can put that doubt away, as Theron told MTV this weekend that she would be enthused to return for a follow-up:

“I would love to bring her back to life, are you kidding?… To have people react to something like that where you went and worked your balls off (laughs), it’s really, really nice, it kind of just puts everything into perspective. I can see how people are responding to her and I look at my little girl and I’m like, ‘Yeah I’d love to play this woman again, definitely.’”

While Miller’s comments on the likelihood of a sequel have wavered a bit over the months, he most recently said he intends on making a smaller, non-effects driven picture before thinking about diving back into the madness that is Mad Max again. Theron seems to confirm this sentiment, adding that Miller was taken by surprise at the intense response to Fury Road:

“I haven’t seen George since the Oscars. I think all of this has been really overwhelming for him, and he likes to take his time and he’s very concise. I think if he’s ready, he’ll be ready, and hopefully he’ll call.”


Image via Warner Bros.

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