MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Update – Pre-Production Starts Next Week and the Film Might Cost $100 Million – UPDATED

     October 23, 2009

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While some may have been skeptical about George Miller actually making a 4th “Mad Max” film, according to the director, pre-production starts next week on the latest installment currently titled “Mad Max: Fury Road”.  Also, the director was asked about the rumors that Charlize Theron would be starring in the film.  He responded by saying, “It could be Mel, it could be anyone, in fact I’m looking around at these faces to see if anyone’s quite interesting here.”

The other bit of news that came out today is the film might have a budget of $100 million dollars and it’ll be filming for over six months!  More after the jump:

From both and THR we’ve learned filming on “Fury Road” will begin in New South Wales in August 2010. Also, casting is currently underway, which means in the very near future we’re going to hear who the stars are.

But the most interesting thing that got reported is they’re expecting to film for 30 weeks.

If you’re not familiar with how movies are made, a small movie might have a few weeks of filming.  A mid-size film could be 30-45 days.  But a film that’s going to be in front of the cameras for 30 weeks (over 6 months) means they’re making a crazy action film!  Because what takes the most time are stunts, and you don’t need a six month shoot to film dialogue scenes.

Look, I don’t know if George Miller has it in him to bring another kick-ass “Mad Max” film to the screens. But I’m excited to see him try. More as we get it.

UPDATE: Here’s some video of Miller talking about “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

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