MAD MEN and 30 ROCK Win Emmys Again for Best Drama and Best Comedy So No One Will Be Upset

     September 20, 2009


Imagine if the same six or seven movies and their actors, writers, directors, etc. kept getting nominated for Oscars every year.  There would be slight deviations but for the most part, Academy members would just take their ballot from last year, peruse a couple of For Your Consideration ads, maybe read a critic’s list or two as a second source to make sure they weren’t making any selection deemed interesting, and you’d wonder if they just showed a repeat except they somehow replaced Jon Stewart with Hugh Jackman.

“TV’s Finest Night” is always a repeat and you cherish just about anyone who hasn’t won an Emmy in the past no matter the quality of the show.  Yes, “Mad Men” and “30 Rock” are excellent shows but barring a steep decline in quality, I already know who’s going to win next year because the Emmys are a bunch of lazy wimps who don’t watch anything outside the ten shows they already love.  Hit the jump for a list of tonight’s winners and only grumbling since this farce isn’t worth the energy of a blinding rage.

I would say some of these winners are no-brainers except the Emmys have no brains and still manage to overlook deserving nominees.  I want to celebrate Michael Emerson picking up a second Emmy for his role as Benjamin Linus on “Lost” or Toni Collette’s brilliant work on “United States of Tara”.  But when you give a Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Emmy to Jon Cryer instead of Neil Patrick Harris, then I just think you’re throwing darts at a wall and you just never bothered to take out the one for “Thmad_men_tv_show_image__3_.jpge Amazing Race”*.

Then again, just looking at the Emmy nominations, you see that it’s not a serious organization anyway.  Wondering where the nominations for “The Shield” are?  Same place as the ones for “The Wire”.  But I’m sure we’ll all look back in twenty years and talk about how “Boston Legal” changed television (and yes, I know it didn’t win anything tonight but count its total nominations over the years).  And to all the “Boston Legal” fans reading this and about to throw a shit fit, please leave your comments at the bottom and I’ll be sure not to read them later.  Then I’ll put up a picture of Walton Goggins as Shane Vendrell and tell you to shut the fuck up.

Below is a list of the major winners for the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards.  For a complete list of winners, click here.

Outstanding Drama Series: Mad Men

Outstanding Comedy Series: 30 Rock

Outstanding Miniseries: Little Dorrit

Outstanding Made for TV Movie: Grey Gardens

Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program: The Amazing Race

Best Actor (Drama): Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad”

Best Actress (Drama): Glenn Close for “Damages”

Best Supporting Actor (Drama): Michael Emerson for “Lost”

Best Supporting Actress (Drama): Cherry Jones for “24”

Best Actor (Comedy): Alec Baldwin for “30 Rock”30_rock_tv_show_tracy_morgan_alec_baldwin_tina_fey_jane_krakowski_jack_mcbrayer_01.jpg

Best Actress (Comedy): Toni Collette for “United States of Tara”

Best Supporting Actor (Comedy): Jon Cryer for “Two and a Half Men”

Best Supporting Actress (Comedy): Kristen Chenoweth for “Pushing Daisies”

Best Actor (Miniseries or Movie): Brendan Gleeson for “Into the Storm”

Best Actress (Miniseries or Movie): Jessica Lange for “Grey Gardens”

Best Supporting Actor (Miniseries or Movie): Phelan Beale for “Grey Gardens”

Best Supporting Actress (Miniseries or Movie): Shohreh Aghdashloo for “House of Saddam”\

*The Category for “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” was created in 2003.  “The Amazing Race” has never lost.  I’m not saying it’s a bad show but at this point I’m pretty sure the category needs to be re-titled “Outstanding Amazing Race in an Amazing Race Program”.