MAD MEN’s Final Season Cast Images Are Full of Sports Coats and Floral Prints

     February 18, 2015


The end of an era is nigh, as Mad Men will finish out the back half of its seventh season this April (literally, the second half is titled “The End of an Era”). But it’s true — Mad Men not only put AMC and cable on the map as a leader in prestige television, but it also changed the TV landscape forever.

The show has kept its stylistic integrity since it began, with incredible attention given to period detail. As seen in the photos below, the cast is moving out of the 1960s and into the dawn of the 1970s (the first half of the final season ended with the moon landing), and their fashions are certainly reflecting that.


Predictably, Megan is at the very height and forefront of fashion trends, while Joan maintains a style that hasn’t changed much over the years (hey, if it ain’t broke …). Peggy is looking more confident and fashionable than ever, as she and Joan both navigate the difficult waters of being female executives at that time. Betty looks great in flowing floral, and Sally looks grown-up but also still childlike in her babydoll dress.

As for the men, Pete and Roger have adopted sideburns (and, it seems for Roger, a combover as well), and neither one looks particularly happy (smiles are rare in these photos, other than a few sly expressions from Peggy, Don, Joan, and Henry). The best thing out of all of these photos, though, is seeing Kenny in the background with his eyepatch!

If you’re missing more Don, check out our coverage of some of the first images released from this season, which are all Don-centric (and feature his trademarked steely-eyed expression).

Not much besides fashion can be gleaned from the photos (no surprise there — one of Mad Men‘s greatest legacies may be secrecy), but times are clearly changing.

Here is the full set of cast photos:

mad-men-final-season-7-images-pete-don-roger mad-men-final-season-7-images-pete-peggy mad-men-final-season-7-images-joan-roger mad-men-final-season-7-images-betty-sallymad-men-season-7-women mad-men-season-7-image-peggy-don

mad-men-season-7-image-betty mad-men-season-7-image-sally mad-men-season-7-image-roger mad-men-season-7-image-pete mad-men-season-7-image-megan mad-men-season-7-image-joan mad-men-season-7-image-joan-peggy-pose mad-men-season-7-image-joan-peggy-joan