First Images from the Final Season of MAD MEN

     February 13, 2015


Yikes. Mad Men is one of the few shows on the air that I’ve been with since the very beginning. I’ve never found it less than engaging and I greatly admire its ability to draw you close to characters that you sometimes find as repellent as they are magnetic. And even with all of the theories about regarding what exactly may happen in that last episode, the biggest shock will likely come in the following days when I realize the journey is over.

Yahoo got their hands on the first images from the final season of Mad Men (technically the back half of Season 7, though I’m not sure why such distinctions are placed) and, while they show next to nothing (save for the style of Don Draper’s wardrobe changing with the times), they are indeed a reminder that the end is nigh. Mad Men’s final season starts airing on AMC on April 5th.

Weiner recently offered some encouraging words on the direction of these final episodes during the show’s TCA panel:

“As the person who’s telling the story, sometimes people have to be protected from what they want to see happen, and the story has to have its own organic thing.  So to delight them with surprise or whatever, you can’t just like give them everything that they want.”

I agree 100%. Check out the images below.





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